Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project  |  Case Study

Hybrid Coal-Fired + Linear Fresnel Reflector Solar CSP Generation:  794 MW

  1. Currently under construction, AREVA Solar’s Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project at CS Energy’s Kogan Creek Power Station in Australia, with 44 MW of linear fresnel reflector CSP generation, is the largest solar project in the Southern Hemisphere, the world’s largest hybrid, integrated solar steam coal-fired power plant augmentation project, and the world’s largest linear fresnel reflector solar CSP installation.

  1. The CS Energy 750 MW Kogan Creek Power Station is known for coal-fired power plant efficiency.  Developed under Queensland’s Cleaner Energy Strategy, the plant addresses issues of greenhouse gas emissions and water supply with innovative new technologies:  It features a supercritical boiler that produces more energy than a traditional plant using the same quantity of coal, and it utilizes air-cooling technology that consumes 90% less water than conventional plants.

  2. With the support of Australia’s Commonwealth Government under its Renewable Energy Demonstration Program, and the Queensland Government through its support for CS Energy’s Carbon Reduction Program, CS Energy has been able to move forward with the innovative Kogan Creek Solar Boost project.   AREVA Solar has been awarded the contract to supply the 44 MW solar thermal augmentation installation at the coal-fired power station.  The project is the largest solar project in the Southern Hemisphere, the world’s largest hybrid solar/coal-fired power augmentation project, and when complete will be the world’s largest capacity linear fresnel reflector solar CSP (LFR CSP).  Construction began in 2011 and will be completed in 2013.

  3. Technology

  4. Linear fresnel reflector technology (LFR) has solar CSP’s best land-to-electricity ratio due to a compact design and the potential use of land below the support structures.  LFR technology uses flat or slightly curved mirrors to focus sunlight on to a linear receiver to boil water, generating 270 C to 500 C high-pressure direct steam to power the steam turbine genset.  The direct steam technology eliminates the need for costly heat transfer fluids and heat exchangers.  With simplified plant design, lower capital investment, and lower operational costs, LFR systems are among the most economical solar SCP technologies.

  5. At the Kogan Creek project, the high-pressure solar steam is fed directly into the coal plant’s Siemens power block, serving as a clean and renewable “solar boost” for the system.

  6. Project Development

  7. AREVA Solar is part of the renewable energies portfolio of AREVA, a French multi-national  corporation primarily known for development and ownership of nuclear energy power plants.  Headquartered in California, the AREVA Solar has offices in the United States and Australia.  AREVA Solar designs, manufactures and installs solar steam generators for electric power production and industrial steam uses.  AREVA Solar came into existence in 2010 when AREVA purchased Ausra Inc.  AREVA’s 5 MW Kimberlina Solar Thermal Energy Power Plant in California, commissioned in 2008, is the United State’s first and largest operational LFR solar CSP power plant.

  8. The Kogan Creek Power Station is owned by CS Energy, a Queensland Government owned energy provider.  CS Energy power plants typically employ coal-fired generation.  The Kogan Creek Solar Boost project is the first significant foray into renewable generation technology for the utility.  

  9. Levelized Cost of Energy

  10. In 2011, the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook (AEO2011) estimated that the best case scenario levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for a generic new commercial-scale thermosolar power plant would be $0.1917/kWh.  In a 2011 report from greentechmedia, “Concentrating Solar:  Ready for Take Off or Stalled on the Launchpad?”, which looked at solar CSP in more detail, AREVA’s compact linear fresnel reflector CSP (dry cooling, with no energy storage) was estimated to have a LCOE of $0.137/kWh, the lowest LCOE for any solar CSP technology without thermal storage.

  11. For more information on LCOE and how photovoltaic solar power generation costs match up, see:  Levelized Cost of Energy:  Renewable energy has achieved parity.

  12. Financing

  13. Funding for the project includes a $70 million contribution from CS Energy and a contribution of more than $34 million from the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Demonstration Program.   CS Energy has received support from the Queensland Government through a contribution of $35.4 million to CS Energy’s Carbon Reduction Program, which has enabled the company to direct funds to the Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project.

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  1. Brigalow, Queensland, Australia

Project Status:

  1. Coal plant commissioned:  2007

  2. Solar CSP plant start of construction:  December 2011

  3. Solar CSP plant completion:  2013 (expected)

Rated Capacity:

  1. Total:  794 MW

  2. Coal:  750 MW

  3. Solar CSP:  44 MW

Annual Production:

  1. Total:  TBD GWh per year

  2. Coal:  TBD GWh per year

  3. Solar CSP:  44 GWh per year

Capacity Factor:

  1. Coal:  % TBD

  2. Solar CSP:  11.5%

Carbon Offset:

  1. 35,600 tons per year


  1. CS Energy Ltd.


  1. Coal Plant:  Babcock-Hitachi + Siemens Power Generation joint venture

  2. Solar CSP:  AREVA Solar (with civil/ site contractor FK Gardner and Sons Group)

Generation Offtaker:

  1. CS Energy Ltd.

Generation Technology:

  1. Coal:  (1) 750 MW air-cooled supercritical steam Siemens Varioplant 700 turbine

  2. Solar CSP:  AREVA compact linear fresnel reflector (CLFR) solar CSP, water/ direct steam energy transfer


  1. Coal Plant:  $1.2 billion

  2. Solar Boost:  $95.8 million (includes funds from the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Demonstration Program)